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Bidet Culture On The Rise? Why You Keep Seeing Bidets on TV


Did South Park’s Japanese Toilet Episode Get It Right?

In a recent episode of South Park, Japanese toilets got all the hype. According to the salesman who pitched to Randy, they are the “super-high-class, luxury models with all the bells and whistles.”

In a recent episode of South Park, Japanese toilets got all the hype. According to the salesman from Home Depot who pitched to Randy, they are the “super-high-class, luxury models with all the bells and whistles.” Is it true, what can a toilet possibly do to live up to that kind of praise?

As Randy moves along to the Japanese toilet section, things get better and better. The toilets are “all equipped with the highest-end features, including an automatic bidet system, Bluetooth capability, and seat warmers.” What? The toilet even turns on a light, plays welcome music, has an automatic lid, comes with a touch screen function, and, replaces toilet paper completely!

The story goes down a twisted path from here on but we won’t get into that. Let’s first focus on the fact that Randy emphasizes several times, “I’m not poor” to show that he can afford the Japanese toilets. In other words, these highly functioning toilets with more-than-necessary advanced technologies are NOT cheap. It’s true because when you purchase a new toilet, you have to consider the costs that go into replacing the old one. The Japanese electric toilets are even more difficult as you have to first make sure you have an electric power nearby as the power source. But that is not why we wrote this article, what we do give them credit for is getting the bidet part right– water certainly does clean you better than toilet paper, and that is a fact. 

So if Japanese toilets are so expensive and not easily accessible to just anyone, but your old school toilet paper simply does not get the job done, what are your other options? Looking for a clean solution that truly makes life easier and is intuitive in practice is an art. Just think about the stand-alone bidet Europeans invited back in the late 17th century, which by the way is still used around the world nowadays. 

Selling Sunset & Stand Alone Bidet

A stand-alone bidet, also known as a ceramic bidet is a separate appliance from the toilet itself, once you've finished using the toilet, you would typically move over to the bidet. 

In an episode of Selling Sunset season 6, Heather and Bree visit this phenomenon mansion, in which the bathroom features a hot tub and a fireplace. Then the girls have themselves a cheerful little chat over the bidet–

Bre: Look, they got a…

Bre: Cleaner. Bidet.

Heather: Washy-thingy. [laughs]

Heather: You squat over it?

Bre: It’s like a douche-ish kind of thing.

Heather: And where does the water go?

Bre: They usually have hoses.

Heather: To flush things out?

Bre: Yeah. It’s really fun.

Selling Sunset stars Bre and Heather adores the ceramic bidet inside a million-dollar home.

So, did the two ladies from Selling Sunset get it right? Let’s break it down. 

Bre was on point for the most part. Yes, the stand-alone bidet is a cleaner, for your private areas, you indeed do a little douching with this type of ceramic bidet. But, she was off when it came to the hoses. What Bre was thinking is a sprayer bidet, also known as a handheld bidet. 

A handheld bidet is a great solution for personal hygiene, baby care, elderly health care, and post-surgery sanitation. It can be mounted on either side of the toilet. LUXE’s Handheld Bidet Sprayer includes an easy-to-adjust, nickel or chrome-plated sprayer, made of solid stainless steel metal for an elegant look. 

In comparison, a handheld bidet is certainly far more practical than a ceramic bidet, if you take a look at Beyoncé's recent bidet on sale, you will see why. 

Jay-Z & Beyoncé’s Used Bidet Up for Sale on eBay

This traditional bidet in today’s bidet-options full world works more like a fancy display in the bathroom. That is especially the case if you gold-plated handles and water hoses like the one Beyoncé has. With Sherle Wagner hardware applied to this ceramic bidet and salvaged out of the Holmby Hills $55 million home formerly occupied by Jay Z and Beyoncé, the eBay bidet listing asks for a whopping $2,400!

Gold-plated details as seen on Beyoncé's used ceramic bidet listed for sale on eBay.


 21st Century Bidet Innovation– LUXE Bidet

To summarize, a bidet is an amazing add-on to your bathroom that makes personal hygiene a easier, better, and cleaner process. Most importantly, it takes the wiping out of the equation, washing with water after the go is a much more enjoyable experience. So that’s why you keep hearing about a bidet from friends and family, you might’ve also seen it on TV or stumbled upon the news of Beyoncé selling her luxurious bidet! Bidet waves are finally hitting the land of America and you just might want to get on this ride and get a taste of The Better Way To Go!

At LUXE Bidet, we are proud to say that we made bidet attachment a thing! In our NEO Plus series, we even created slide-in hinges for the smoothest installation ever. We do not want to brag but LUXE Bidet is leading the modern bidet culture in America. And if you are reading this blog, we want you to join us! 

Not sure where to start? Not a problem. Per the popular demand of bidet fans, this personalized bidet quiz is available to help you figure out just the right bidet choice for your lifestyle. So what are you waiting for, head on over and make better life choices now. 

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