Warranty Policy

Warranty Details

Every LUXE Bidet product undergoes a thorough quality test procedure and defects are rare. Some LUXE Bidet products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. If a product is determined to have a manufacturing defect during the warranty period, LUXE Bidet will replace the defective parts, free of charge. The default warranty period varies based on model, as described below:

12-month Warranty LUXE Footstool, LUXE Toilet Seat
18-month Warranty NEO 70, LUXE 90, LUXE 95, NEO 110, NEO 120, NEO 180, NEO 185, NEO 250, NEO 320, NEO 120 Plus, NEO 185 Plus, NEO 320 Plus, LUXELET E850, LUXELET E890

Filing a Warranty Claim

Contact us here to file a warranty claim or request replacement parts. Please provide your order number and your shipping address. If your product has a LUXE ID, please provide it so that we can expedite your request. The LUXE ID is a 15-character alphanumeric code located on the product.


Registering Your Product

LUXE Bidet products purchased in new, factory-sealed condition are automatically covered under the default warranty period, as defined above. Products with a LUXE ID are eligible for an extended warranty. By registering your product, the warranty is extended by 6 months. Register your product here.