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Why Luxe Bidet?


No more dry toilet papers that leave you unclean!

Our bidets removes any residue on your skin, keeping you clean and totally refreshed.

Saves Our
Water and

On average, using toilet paper kills 384 trees in one person’s lifetime.

Switching to bidets could save us a whopping 15 million trees and 473 billion gallons of water.

On the

Fun fact: Americans spend a total of $6 billions annually on toilet papers.

Operating a bidet toilet seat costs roughly 12 cents per day, or $45 per year.

Customer Favorites

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Luxelet E890

Part of the most luxurious series in our LUXE BIDET family. The Luxelet E890 is one of the thinnest and most user-friendly electronic bidets in the market. Featuring temperature control, adjustable spray positioning, a warm air dryer, an LED night light, and a detachable remote control panel.

$899.00 $499.00
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Neo 120

The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is a single nozzle, fresh water, non-electric mechanical bidet attachment with convenient self-cleaning nozzle feature.

$109.98 $34.95
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Neo 95

The Neo 95 is a handheld bidet that features an easy-to-adjust, chrome-plated sprayer. These bidets are an elegant solution for personal hygiene, elderly health care, and post-surgery sanitation.

$59.95 $25.95

Discover Why So Many People
Are Switching to Luxe Bidet

Customer Testimonials

    “As far as I'm concerned, this product is a real winner. Functional, well designed and well made. I would highly recommend it to others looking for an add on bidet.”

    (Al, South Carolina)

    “This product is everything advertised. It works fantastic, very easy to install. It is so good I just ordered another one for another bathroom.”

    (Jack, Texas)

    “I would buy this again. It makes a huge difference. If you've never used one, you literally are shower clean when you leave the restroom.”

    (Stephan, California)

    “I believe this purchase is one of the most life-changing decisions I've made.”

    (Eva, Illinois)

    “This was so easy to install and really improves my health and cleanliness. I don't know why they aren't built in to every toilet.”

    (Ann, Arizona)

    “I am very impressed. Makes the old method seem nasty and primitive. Effectiveness and ease of installation add to the appeal of this product. Wish I'd had something like it many years ago.”

    (Vital, Oregon)

    “It worked perfectly for me and ALL my toilet hygiene needs. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again and it looks as though I will definitely be getting two more.”

    (Chillami, New York)

    “The price is very reasonable, customer service is superb. So give it a shot - I'll bet you'll want one for every toilet in the house! We even installed one at my parents house .... and they love it too!”

    (Angela, Kansas)

    “It's a quick great hygienic way to clean when you do not a shower handy. Buy one for all your bathrooms. It is a must for every toilet. PS installation is 10 min.”

    (Tommy, Canada)

    “I like these because they're reasonably priced, easy to install, simple to use, and quite reliable. Oh, and they completely change your life for the better!”

    (Jim, Nevada)

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Product Comparison

Luxe Bidet ModelNeo 110Neo 120 Neo 180Neo 185Neo 250Neo 320
2-Piece Toilet Compatible
Cold Water Connection
Hot Water Connection        
Nozzle Guard Gate
Self Cleaning Nozzle(s)  
Dual Nozzles   
Valve ConstructionMetal-CeramicMetal-CeramicMetal-CeramicMetal-CeramicMetal-CeramicMetal-Ceramic
Cold Water Connection HoseBraided MetalBraided MetalBraided MetalBraided MetalBraided MetalBraided Metal
Hot Water Connection Hose    PU*PU*
Warranty18 Month18 Month18 Month18 Month18 Month18 Month
Product PageView ProductView ProductView ProductView ProductView ProductView Product
*Hot water bidets include a durable polyurethane (PU) hose for hot water connection.
*The hose can be trimmed with a utility knife to exactly fit your bathroom's dimensions.

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