Who We Are

LUXE Bidet is the #1 best-selling bidet in America, happy to be serving over three million customers nationwide.

Established in 2008 and headquartered in sunny San Diego, California, our vision is to make home hygiene affordable and accessible.

Customer tested and approved, our products have more than 150K 5-star reviews. With more than 20 models in different colors and price points, there’s a LUXE Bidet for everyone.

A Better Bathroom Experience

World-Class Customer Support
Decades of Innovation
Superior Materials & Engineering

Why Bidets?

Cleaner than Wiping

Bidets offer a more effective way to clean yourself, minus any residue or chafing.

Save Money on Toilet Paper

Bidet users use up to 75% less toilet paper on average, saving them around $92 per year.

Easy DIY Installation

Every LUXE Bidet comes with everything you need to install, including access to support.

LUXE Bidet in the Press

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"Performs well, offers different finishes,
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Complete Your Washing System

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"All jokes aside. We LOVE our @luxebidet and feel lost when staying anywhere outside of our home. So cheers to you on a life changing, squeaky clean, amazing product.”

— @amymerl

"Day 1 at the office is in the books. Summary: I missed some of my coworkers. I miss my @luxebidet more.

— @AdamBarnello

"Thank you @luxebidet! Just installed our second washlet in the guest bath. Now that we're having people over again (thank you vaccines!) our guests will be in for a fresh surprise."

— @Leahoregon

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About Our Bidets

Our original line of bidet attachments have passed sections of ASME A11218.1-2012/CSA and ASME A112.4.2-2009 in testing conducted by the IAPMO Lab.

Their patented design (U.S. Patent number D714428) comes with unique self-cleaning nozzle and guard gate technology, as well as a built-in check valve, which functions like a vacuum breaker and does not allow backflow.


Our next-generation line of bidets is redefining bathroom hygiene.

Passing lab test section of ASME A112.4.2-2021/CSA B45.16:21, the NEO Plus Series not only boasts all of the patented features of its predecessor, but also includes a patented hinge feature (U.S. Patent numbers D873,982 S and D882,053 S) and a sleek body design, helping you achieve a more efficient clean in style.