Shut-off T-Adapters for NEO Series

SKU: ShutOffT1516

Please note that these Shut-off T-Adapters are for NEO Series bidets. Please see here for Shut-off T-Adapters & Hoses for NEO Plus Series bidets.

Product Description

These accessories help decrease or shut off water flow to your bidet. This way, the shut-off valve offers peace of mind when bidet is not in use for extended periods.


Cold Water Shut-off T-Adapters Metal Cold Water Hose (1/2" x 1/4")
Hot Water Shut-off T-Adapters Plastic Hot Water Hose (1/4" x 8mm)
How To Connect


TOP Attaches to the toilet tank's 7/8" fill valve
BOTTOM Attaches to your toilet's original water supply hose
SIDE Attaches to the 1/2″ end of the Cold Water Hose (1/2" x 1/4")


TOP Attaches to the sink's original water supply hose
BOTTOM Attaches to the sink's 3/8" hot water supply valve
SIDE Attaches to the 8mm end of the Plastic Hot Water Hose (1/4" x 8mm)

 *This Hot Water Shut-off T-Adapter is 2.2" x 1.3". Please ensure you have this space between your sink valve and wall to install the product.

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