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Clean Toilet Humor | Funniest Bidet Dad Jokes

Why Jokes?

In a modern world, the bidet attachment offers a refreshing and cleansing experience, adding convenience to daily life. Who wouldn't want a fresh stream of water that cleans and soothes down there after visiting the bathroom? Especially during a hot summer day, a little spray makes all the difference.

Although the bidet promotes cleanliness, some still find it amusing among household items. Many people find bidets weird because they might think that bidet directly touches your posterior for the wash, which is completely false.

Now, let's be honest. We understand the struggle– being a LUXE Bidet enthusiast in a world that still doesn’t understand this hygiene necessity is frustrating; you know it's fantastic, but others might still raise an eyebrow or two. We feel your pain and your pride, all at once.

We decided that perhaps using a little humor can help bidet newcomers accept and embrace the magic of bidet attachment. After trying to come up with some of our own jokes (borderline dad jokes) on bidet, we got nothing great other than:

“I tried a bidet for the first time today, it was a blast!”

So we turned to ChatGPT and asked the AI to tell us 100+ funny dad jokes about the LUXE Bidet attachment. After reading through them, we can’t help but give them some real human reviews. Here goes a mix of some of our favorite ones, ones that needed some editing, and the ones that just ultimately got it wrong like confusing LUXE Bidet attachments for Japanese electric bidet toilet seats! 

Fantastic Toilet and Bidet Humor!

Why did the bidet attachment go to therapy? It had some unresolved "pressure" issues.

Our team approves! Yes, like LUXE Bidet NEO and NEO Plus, the water pressure from the nozzles can get pretty powerful, nothing crazy but just enough to get you clean. 

(P.S. You can opt for LUXE Bidet feminine wash to get the water stream to aim from a lower angle or only turn the knob slightly to get a lower pressure if you prefer a gentler wash)

How did the bidet attachment start its presentation? It got right to the "bottom" of things.

Cool! It’s worth mentioning that not only does NEO Plus get the cleaning job done on your business down there, but it is also leading in the era of bidets as it cleans itself and can be flipped up with your toilet seat for maximum efficiency.

How does a bidet work? Well, it's simple – it's like a little spa day for your behind. It's all about turning your bathroom into a water park, one spritz at a time!"
This one is a 10/10, no further comments!

What do you call a bidet attachment's favorite music? Hip-hop – it's all about the rhythm!

Funny you say that… Because LUXE Bidet NEO Plus actually has its own song!!! Go watch the Grammy-worthy music video here.

Why did the bidet attachment start a detective agency? It was great at finding "clues" in unexpected places.

Oh boy, surely it’s not the kind of “clues” you want to find in your underpants! But yes, bidet goes places that traditional toilet paper and wet wipes can’t get to give you an easy solution to the ultimate clean! 

Why did the LUXE Bidet attachment start a YouTube channel? It wanted to share its "stream" of wisdom.

Not bad. Did you know, LUXE Bidet has a hilarious series called Doody Patrol? Go watch it on LUXE Bidet Instagram.

Why did the bidet attachment start a podcast? It had a "refreshing" perspective to share.

On point! No further comments. 

What's LUXE Bidet’s favorite magic trick? Making toilet paper disappear!

Oh, it is no magic, it is science! Bidets effectively reduce the use of toilet paper and wet wipes. Along with the lesser usage, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are exposed less the toxic chemicals. 

Consequently, bidet attachments help you to have no more toilet paper piles, skid marks, clogged toilets, or the constant need to restock toilet paper. Not to mention the environmental benefits of saving trees!


Bathroom Humor That Is Total Dad Jokes (Or Failed)

Why did the bidet attachment become an astronaut? It wanted to experience zero-gravity "wipes"!

This is a pretty good one, we supposed that the cold and warm water streams are indeed anti-gravity? But yes to no more wipings. Goodbye, toilet paper and wet wipes!

"Why did the bidet get a high-five? It was always 'charged up' and ready to go!"

No no no, no charging. LUXE Bidet is known for its bidet attachments, not the electric kind of bidet!

What's a bidet attachment's favorite exercise? Squatting... over the toilet!

Mmm, alright. In LUXE Bidet’s case, our NEO Plus bidet attachments come with patented hinges that slide onto the toilet seat without having to take out your entire toilet seat. When you go flip the NEO Plus and toilet seat for cleaning, that technically is NEO Plus doing pushups over the toilet… 

Why did the bidet attachment join the orchestra? It loved being a part of the "ensemble" experience.

Ensemble, what ensemble? There is no need for ensembling of any kind with LUXE Bidet, nor is there a complicated tear-your-wall-down type of installation like an electric bidet. Our LUXE Bidet box comes with everything you need for a quick and mess-free installation.

Why are NEO and NEO Plus always so calm? It had a knack for "cooling" situations.

Allow us to spin it into a different version, in all seriousness– Why is the bidet so good at relieving hemorrhoids? It cools down the inflamed area with cold water or helps with blood flow with warm water. AND, the wash makes sure the areas are free of further irritants and avoid infections!

What's a LUXE bidet attachment's favorite type of weather? Showers!

We suppose a LUXE bidet really does mimic the effect of a shower, luxurious yet pure, relaxing and accessible! More precisely, LUXE Bidet brings you a mini shower, for your private areas, front and back, with our flexible rear and feminine wash modes.

Why was the bidet attachment always invited to parties? It had a reputation for making a "splash."

No, we do not approve of this one! It is a common myth that using a bidet will cause some nasty backsplash due to water pressure. But the reality is that the bidet nozzles extend down during use, it aims precisely based on how you adjust your position, and voila, everything gets washed down.

Why did the bidet attachment go to school? To learn about the "ins and outs" of modern hygiene.

In with water, out with dirty butts. After 10 years in the making, surely NEO and NEO Plus deserve a Ph.D. by now.  Dr. LUXE Bidet is here to educate you about modern hygiene!

Advanced Dad Jokes: Bidet x Diarrhea

At this point, we are pretty satisfied with the toilet jokes ChatGpt came up with. But, we wanted to give it a little more challenging prompt, so we asked: “Can you now tell some bathroom dad jokes about bidet that involves diarrhea?” Let’s see if the AI delivers, buckle up!

"Why did the bidet start a support group? Because it wanted to help people through their 'rough' patches, one spray at a time!"

Well, it could be better if it’s “one nozzle at a time,” in LUXE Bidet’s case, all bidet models come with dual-nozzle and an advanced guard gate!

Why did the bidet feel overworked? It had a sudden influx of clients with "urgent" matters!

Love it, what a great subtle joke on diarrhea!

Why did the toilet and bidet become friends? They both knew the importance of teamwork during a "messy" situation!

Best friends indeed! Toilet paper is just third wheeling at this point.

Why did the bidet start telling jokes? Because it realized that laughter is the best medicine for any "mess"!

Bidets won’t judge you for your diarrhea, it’s only there to help you get clean!



After reading the above jokes, the verdict is out: AI is pretty good at understanding what a bidet attachment does, how it benefits your daily life, and it is the epitome of modern living.

The next time you’re at a family function and some annoying cousin decides to poke fun at you again about the fact that you use a bidet, just strike them back with one of these jokes. You will help get some laughs around and avoid having to once again explain yourself for using a bidet. After all, it’s like what the internet loves to say, the girls (and boys!) that get it, GET IT! 

If you're also a trailblazer of modern living, an early adopter of innovation even in the private sanctum of your bathroom, and you’re reading this blog, chances are you are about to get a bidet attachment and embrace it. 

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