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Thank you for purchasing our Luxe bidets. We're sorry you're having problems with installation. Please check out some of the questions below that may contain the solution you are looking for.

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Quick Answers

  • If you notice that your bidet nozzle(s) are spraying water off-center, it is likely that the nozzle holes are not facing forward properly. You can adjust the nozzles to point forward by turning it manually. Proper adjustment of the nozzle(s) will depend on the model you have.

    To adjust the nozzle for the MB110, fully retract the nozzle by pushing the nozzle up all the way and use a slight pressure to turn the nozzle counter-clockwise until the holes are facing forward.

    The video below shows how to adjust the nozzle of MB models.

    To adjust the nozzle(s) for the the Neo 110, Neo 120, Neo 180, Neo 185, Neo 250, Neo 320 models, open the guard gate, then fully retract the nozzle by pushing the nozzle up all the way and use a slight pressure to turn the nozzle counter-clockwise until the holes are facing forward.

    The video below shows how to adjust the nozzle of all Neo models.

  • The nozzles may not be retracting or extending properly due to hard water build up around the nozzles. Try cleaning the nozzles by pulling it down and moving it up and down a few times with paper towels soaked in vinegar. This should safely dissolve any hard water build up. You can also check if the nozzles have enough space to drop below the guard gate to spray and retract fully back into the unit. If there isn't enough space, try moving the bidet forward, away from the toilet tank. You can also view a video of the troubleshooting steps here.

  • If water is spraying straight down into the toilet, it is likely that the nozzle cap has fallen off somehow. If you can find the nozzle cap, you can screw it back onto the nozzle and this should fix the problem. Please make sure the black rubber washer is placed inside the nozzle cap before attaching it to the nozzle. Click here for replacement nozzle caps.

  • If the water pressure from your bidet is too high, you can try installing a metal t-adapter with a shut-off valve (linked below), in place of the provided t-adapter. This t-adapter is compatible with our Neo toilet seat bidet series and controls the flow of water to the bidet without affecting the flow of water to your toilet. Another quick solution to reduce the water pressure is by partially closing your water supply valve.

  • When sitting on the toilet and turning on this mode, first turn the lower knob all the way to the right, then turn the upper pressure knob to the right. The nozzle cleaning mode will not activate if the lower knob is not pointing all the way to the right.

  • Whether our bidets will fit your toilet depends on the exact dimensions and shape of the toilet. You will want to measure your toilet according to the dimensions given in this diagram. For electronic bidets (Luxelet series), please click here.

  • This uncommon problem occurs when the dimensions of the toilet bowl and/or the shape of the toilet seat interfere with installing your bidet. Toilet seats that are slightly curved to rest over the bowl instead of flat on top of it may cause this problem. Some toilets have outer hinge tabs (see below) which may cause the toilet seat to not rest flat on the bowl.

    If you install a bidet and consequently your toilet seat will not rest on the bowl, you may purchase toilet seat bumpers to resolve small gaps for less than an inch. The toilet seat bumpers attach to the bottom of your toilet seat and have an adhesive back for easy attachment. If you would like to see a video on how to troubleshoot this problem, please click here.

  • If your toilet has a toilet tank connection, but has a solid rigid pipe instead of a flexible water supply hose, please check if this pipe can be removed from both ends. If it can, then you can replace the pipe with a cold water supply hose provided here. If you cannot remove the rigid pipe or you have a hidden/hard-to-reach toilet tank fill valve connection, then you can use an alternative installation method. You can video about this method here or you can use the following instructions:

    The alternative installation method involves attaching a 3/8" or 1/2" metal t-adapter with an 8mm side directly to a cold water supply valve. Then, a PU hose with an 1/4" nut on one end can be used to connect the t-adapter to the bidet. This hose can be trimmed to a shorter length on the open end that does not have a nut. To see if you can use this method, please check if you have an accessible cold water supply valve (usually the toilet's or sink's) and check the distance is between your toilet and your chosen water supply valve to determine the length of the hose you will need.

  • Some toilet seats may come with quick-to-remove twist hinges that twist to snap on and off the toilet bowl. Our bidets can be installed with these toilet seats. The trick is to also remove the screws/bolts that attach the seat hinges to the bowl.

    To install our bidets on a toilet seat with twist hinges, first unlock the hinge caps by twisting them counterclockwise.

    Once the seat is removed, remove the screws/bolts that the hinges attach to on the toilet bowl, by unscrewing the nuts on the underside of the bowl.

    After removing both the toilet seat and the screws/bolts, place the bidet on top of the toilet bowl, position the brackets to fit the screw holes, place the screws/bolts on top of the bidet and reattach the nuts under the bowl to secure the screws.

    Once the bolts are secured to the bidet and toilet bowl, simply snap the seat on top of the bolts by rotating the hinge caps clockwise to lock the seat in place.

  • Sometimes during installation, your toilet bowl's fill tube may have been displaced. Locate the plug and place it back onto the fill tube.

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