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Bidet v.s. Toilet Paper Wiping: A Comparison of Health and Sanitation

Bidet, a formerly foreign word to most of the U.S. population has been brought to significant public attention in recent years. The concept and utilization of bidets had a sharp increase especially when panic surged regarding the toilet paper shortages in the early COVID-19 pandemic. What is a bidet and does it really replace toilet paper? The short answer is yes, but that is not the main reason why people invest in a bidet. Aside from reducing the use of toilet paper, many people seek a bidet to better their bathroom experience, as this article will explain why toilet paper is not getting the job done well enough. For those looking to upgrade your bathroom routine, here are some facts and a rundown on the health and sanitation benefits a bidet provides. 


Reasons Why Bidets Promote Better Personal Hygiene

Bidets Reduce Bacteria Spread

Wiping with toilet paper, especially after going number two, can be problematic as all kinds of bacteria in the feces (e.g. E. coli, Salmonella, Clostridium, just to name a few) can be brought to other areas of the body through the wiping trajectory with unintended contact areas. This is especially bad news for women as ‘bad wiping’-- wiping from back to front could cause a UTI infection.

Hint: Bidets can be an integral necessity for women’s health, helping with staying fresh and clean during the menstrual cycle. Bidets can also alleviate post-partum side effects, and in general, facilitate frequent cleansing of the private area!

Additionally, using toilet paper to clean oneself will require proper and thorough hand washing afterward. Bidet helps simplify the steps needed to accomplish the best bathroom hygiene routine. A bidet requires users to simply twist the nozzle and voila, the water stream will take care of it all for you, with no contact whatsoever! Depending on the quality of your toilet paper, tearing, flaking, and other undesirable outcomes can occur when you try to clean yourself properly. What a bummer! A LUXE Bidet, on the other hand, could clean you and itself! The latest NEO Plus models offer additional smart features from the origins best-seller NEO which includes the advanced 360° nozzles and guard gat self-cleaning function. 

In short, toilet paper is an ancient, basic, and generic cleaning solution, it is not ideal nor unsustainable. Bidets, on the other hand, are a 21st-century innovation that will transform the way people view such basic human needs of maintaining cleanliness at all times. Bidets are designed to handle all kinds of ‘accidents’ in the bathroom. A trustworthy bidet brand such as LUXE Bidet will come with more features you never thought would make your life easier. With a bidet doing all the cleaning for you, you don’t even have to worry about getting that ick when you flush the toilet and not knowing what nasty things the handle has on them, hidden from the bare eyes. 


Bidets are More Comfortable

Another benefit of using a bidet is that it is more comfortable and effective than using toilet paper. Bidets use a stream of water to clean the area, which is more gentle and soothing than wiping with toilet paper. This can be especially helpful for people who have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation. If you own a bidet that connects to hot water, you have even more control in terms of deciding on what temperature you want the water to be when you do the wash.

For people with other complications, whether it is hemorrhoids or post-surgery inconvenience, a bidet is there for the rescue as well. Bidets have proven their effectiveness for those in not-so-optimal physical conditions. For example, bidets make it easier for people with disability or mobility issues who find it difficult to bend or reach down to clean themselves. This is not to say that a bidet is only suitable for the old or the injured, but that it is a universal device that anyone can easier operate and find rewarding benefits within easy reach.

Additionally, bidets help you maintain a more comfortable bathroom environment. How so? With a bidet, you will likely have less used toilet paper waste in the bathroom trash bin, the ones that do go inside the bin will not be as gross as usual since they were only used for the purpose of drying. Bidets, therefore, help you maintain a pleasant smell by ensuring a cleaner trash bin in the bathroom. You will probably feel less inclined to toss and flush the used toilet paper, which is  in any case not good for your plumbing septic system. A bidet is there to be your loyal and practical bathroom companion, reminding you of all the best practices for your better living environment.


Bidets are Cost-Effective and Convenient

Using a bidet can also be cost-effective and convenient. Reasonably, the average initial cost of a bidet could likely buy you about 36 rolls of mid-range quality toilet paper, but in the long run, it will save you money and get back your investment’s worth. With bidets cleaning you more thoroughly and efficiently, you do not need to worry about using as much toilet paper or running out on them so quickly before you could restock. Picture this, instead of frequently purchasing new stocks of toilet paper and finding space to store them in the house and putting in a new roll, you installed a bidet once and now you barely put toilet paper on your shopping list!

From a convenience perspective, contrary to what most people believe, installing a bidet attachment is actually no rocket science. When you purchase a bidet, all the parts needed for installation will come in the bidet box, along with helpful guides and video instructions that take you through the process quickly. Once you install your bidet, the rest is history. You do not have to worry about needing to move it around or adjusting it since all users can simply slightly shift the way they position themselves on the toilet to find the best wash angle. Once you set up a bidet, the only maintenance encouraged is light cleaning every now and then.

Furthermore, bidets are good for the health of our planet. It is certainly more environmentally friendly than toilet paper. The production and disposal of toilet paper can have a negative impact on the environment. Bidets use less water and don't contribute to the production of waste. This makes them a more sustainable option for personal hygiene. 

Did you know? According to our bidet saving calculator, if you have about 3 people per household and with each person visiting the bathroom about 5 times a day, not only do you get an annual saving of about $258.86 but your impact would reduce the production of toilet paper by 249 rolls per year, saving the earth: 

  • 374 pounds of wood 
  • 9213 gallons of water 
  • 324 kilowatt-hours of electricity
How is that possible? When you own a bidet, you use less toilet paper each year—effectively lowering demand and scaling down industrial resources used to produce each roll of toilet paper.



Overall, bidets are a more sanitary, comfortable, and convenient option for personal hygiene than using toilet paper. In innovative ways, LUXE Bidets can help reduce the spread of bacteria, improve cleaning effectiveness, and allow you to embrace a more natural and environment-friendly lifestyle. 

If you're looking for a better way to keep yourself clean after using the toilet, consider investing in a bidet. A better bathroom experience starts with LUXE Bidet and we hope a little spray will brighten your day. Not sure where to start, see our bidet comparison chart to decide which bidet is right for you!

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