15/16" Cold Water T-Adapters

SKU: HybridT1516
Product Description 

USE FOR: Original NEO Series Installation

WHEN TO USE: If you have a standard North American fill valve connection size of 15/16"

PAIR WITH: Metal Cold Water Hoses (1/2" x 1/4")

This NEO Series accessory helps connect the 15" Cold Water Bidet Hose to your toilet tank's fill valve. This part is included with your original NEO Series bidet kit.

This part available in 3 different materials: all metal, all plastic, and hybrid (plastic top, metal bottom). The hybrid T-Adapter is our latest release in an effort to improve the overall installation experience.

How To Connect

TOP CONNECTIONAttaches to the toilet tank's 15/16″ fill valve

BOTTOM CONNECTIONAttaches to your toilet's original water supply hose

SIDE CONNECTION: Attaches to the 1/2″ end of the Cold Water Hose (1/2" x 1/4")
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