Bidet Features in Action

A comprehensive list of all our LUXE Bidet features, along with videos of what they do.

Control Type

Knob Controls

Control the water pressure level and strength of bidet spray by adjusting a turn-dial knob.

Lever Controls

Control the water pressure level and strength of bidet spray by adjusting a pull-push lever.

Wash Features

Rear Wash Mode

The essential wash mode, angled towards the rear for a refreshing clean.

Feminine Wash Mode

A gentler wash mode, angled forwards with a softer water flow for sensistive areas.

Helps with monthly cycles and is highly recommended to new or expecting mothers

Temperature Controls

Easily adjust the temperature by turning the wash mode lever left or right. Requires additional hot water connection.


Retractable Nozzles

After each use, bidet nozzles automatically retract into a protective housing for hygienic storage.

Guard Gate Protection

Provides an extra layer of protection by shielding the nozzle housing from unwanted splashback.

Self-Clean Mode

The original cleaning feature that runs fresh water over nozzles to flush off debris.

360° Self-Clean™ Mode

An innovative cleaning feature that flushes debris off the guard gate and nozzles simultaneously for easy maintenance.

Only available on NEO Plus Series Bidets.

Install & Maintenance

LUXE Toilet Seat Compatible

Seamless fit when paired with our LUXE Toilet Seat.

Slide-in Installation

Eliminates the toilet seat removal step from standard bidet installation.

Conveniently transfer the bidet between bathrooms or homes.

Adjustable While Installed

Easily adjust the bidet aim, even after installation. 
Simply move the bidet to the desired position and set the bolts.

EZ-Lift Hinge™

Flip the bidet out of the way for direct access to the toilet bowl and nozzles during routine bathroom upkeep.

Wide Access Guard Gate

Easily access nozzles for routine maintenance and care.