Flexible Water Supply Hose: ⅜” x 15/16” – 15″


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This hose can be used to connect most toilets to the water supply valve, and can also be used with any Luxe Bidet.

The toilet tank connection is generally known as 7/8″ ballcock thread fitting in the USA. The equivalent sizing is 15/16″ in standard UNS measurement. Therefore this flexible water supply hose will fit with 7/8″ ballcock and 15/16″ standard UNS connections, as they are the same sizing.

The ⅜” end connects to the ⅜” cold water supply valve (wall). The 15/16″ end connects to the bottom of the provided t-adapter (3-way water splitter) on any Luxe bidet. It is 15 inches in length.

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