Before Buying

Please see the dimensions in the diagram below to decide if the bidet will fit your toilet.
The bidet extends 4 to 5 inches, when measured from the back of the toilet bowl. We recommend that you have at least 5 empty inches between the back of the toilet bowl and the wall. See "E" in the chart below.
The recommended water pressure for our Luxe Bidets is from 30 - 75 PSI.

Product Features

Please click HERE to view our model comparison chart.

The Neo 110, Neo 120, and Neo 180 are cold water bidets. The Neo 110 model is our simplest Neo model with one control knob to control the water pressure. The Neo 120 is same as the Neo 110 but also comes with a self-cleaning function for the nozzle. The Neo 180 is the same as the Neo 120 but comes with dual nozzles (normal wash nozzle and a women's wash nozzle).

The Neo 250 and Neo 320 are hot and cold water bidets. The Neo 250 comes with a single nozzle and does not include the self-cleaning function for the nozzle. The Neo 320 is our top of the line hot and cold water bidet with dual nozzles (normal wash nozzle and a women's wash nozzle) and comes with a self-cleaning function for the nozzles.
The main difference between the MB110 and Neo 110 are in the different materials used for the construction of the hoses and inner valves.

The MB110 and Neo 110 are both cold water bidets with only the pressure control function. The MB110 has plastic inner valves and comes with a plastic cold water hose. The Neo 110 is our newer upgraded model with higher quality metal-ceramic valves, a metal braided cold water hose, and a movable nozzle guard gate to protect against unhygienic splashes.

You can click HERE to view our model comparison chart.
The feminine nozzle is angled a little lower and has a softer spray. Both the normal and feminine nozzles can be used by both males and females. The feminine nozzle, which some of our bidets come with, additionally offers a slightly different angle and spray option.
The bidets that feature warm water are completely non-electric and do not heat the water. For the warm water, a hose is connected to the hot water supply in the bathroom (normally under the sink). The hose and other accessories are provided in the package.

To see which models provide warm water, please click HERE to go to the model comparison chart.
Yes, if you have a warm water bidet but cannot or do not wish to connect it to the hot water source, the bidet will still operate. However, this means you will only be able to use the bidet with a fresh water spray. The self-cleaning nozzle function on Neo 320 will still work, but the water will be cold, not hot.

A plastic cap is included in the Neo 250 and Neo 320 accessory kits in case you do not connect the hot water. This cap can be screwed onto the Neo hot water inlet to prevent water from flowing out of the inlet when the bidet is turned on.
Our dual nozzle bidets feature a regular wash nozzle and a feminine nozzle. The wash nozzle is the standard nozzle on all our bidets. The feminine nozzle has a higher angle and more holes for a softer spray. The nozzles are operated separately; you cannot spray from both at once. To see which models have dual nozzles, please click HERE to see the model comparison chart.
The Neo 120, Neo 180, Neo 185 and Neo 320 have a self-cleaning nozzle feature, which allows you to automatically rinse the nozzle or nozzles of the bidet in a stream of water. Neo 120, Neo 180, and Neo 185 can only use cold water for nozzle self-cleaning. The Neo 320 self-cleaning feature will work regardless of whether the hot water is connected or not.
The water does not sit in the reservoir. Actually, there is no reservoir in these mechanical bidets. The water comes directly from the fresh water supply. The water temperature will be the same as the fresh water temperature.

If you want warm water, we do offer models that can be connected to a hot water source, normally under the sink. Currently, those models are the Neo 250 and Neo 320. To see a model comparison chart of all our bidets, please click HERE.
Our bidets are made from very strong (yet light and flexible) plastic. The smooth, high quality plastic is easy to clean and looks great on any toilet.
The plastic is very durable and strong and is made to stand up the high water pressure that will flow through it.
We currently do not carry any models which have left-side or left-handed controls, although we may introduce them in the future.
We currently only carry white-colored units, but we may introduce different colored units in the future.


You can download instructions for the bidets on the website clicking on the links below. Vi-110, MB110, MB210, MB320, Elite110, Elite320, Neo 110, Neo 120, Neo 180, Neo 250, Neo 320
Please refer to the helpful diagram below which shows how all the t-adapters and hoses fit for our Luxe Bidet Neo 320 (click to enlarge). The diagram also includes the connection sizes of all the parts.
Some toilet seats may come with quick-to-remove twist hinges that twist to snap on and off the toilet bowl. Our bidets can be installed with these toilet seats. The trick is to also remove the screws/bolts that attach the seat hinges to the bowl. To install our bidets on a toilet seat with twist hinges, first unlock the hinge caps by twisting them counterclockwise. Once the seat is removed, remove the screws/bolts that the hinges attach to on the toilet bowl, by unscrewing the nuts on the underside of the bowl. After removing both the toilet seat and the screws/bolts, place the bidet on top of the toilet bowl, position the brackets to fit the screw holes, place the screws/bolts on top of the bidet and reattach the nuts under the bowl to secure the screws. Once the bolts are secured to the bidet and toilet bowl, simply snap the seat on top of the bolts by rotating the hinge caps clockwise to lock the seat in place.
This uncommon problem occurs when the dimensions of the toilet bowl and/or the shape of the toilet seat interfere with installing your bidet. Toilet seats that are slightly curved to rest over the bowl instead of flat on top of it may cause this problem. Some toilets have outer hinge tabs (see below) which may cause the toilet seat to not rest flat on the bowl. If you install a bidet and consequently your toilet seat will not rest on the bowl, you may purchase rubber spacers directly through our Accessories page. The rubber spacers attach to the bottom of your toilet seat. These spacers have an adhesive back for easy attachment. You may click HERE to contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance regarding this issue.
The nozzle is retractable and only comes out when the water is turned on, ensuring a clean operation every time.


If you have a Neo series bidet, you can install the Luxe Metal T-adapter with Shut-off Valve in place of the plastic t-adapter. This is available for purchase on the Accessories page.

This t-adapter is ideal for households with children or pets, as the bidet can be "locked" so it cannot be turned on by accident.
Please click HERE to contact us for replacement nozzle cap(s).
Please click HERE to contact us for replacement MB110 wing nut(s).
The hot water t-adapter included with our bidets is 3/8" at the top and bottom. If this is too small, we carry a larger 1/2" t-adapter, which can be purchased from our Accessories page.


If the nozzle gets stuck or does not extend/retract properly, try to gently push and pull the nozzle to loosen it. If the nozzle still does not extend/retract or stays stuck, click HERE to contact us for more assistance.
If you notice that your bidet nozzle(s) are spraying water off-center, it is likely that the nozzle holes are not facing forward properly. You can adjust the nozzles to point forward by turning it manually. Proper adjustment of the nozzle(s) will depend on the model you have. To adjust the nozzle for the MB110, fully retract the nozzle by pushing the nozzle up all the way and use a slight pressure to turn the nozzle counter-clockwise until the holes are facing forward. The video below shows how to adjust the nozzle of MB models. To adjust the nozzle(s) for the the Neo 110, Neo 120, Neo 180, Neo 185, Neo 250, Neo 320 models, open the guard gate, then fully retract the nozzle by pushing the nozzle up all the way and use a slight pressure to turn the nozzle counter-clockwise until the holes are facing forward. The video below shows how to adjust the nozzle of all Neo models.
If your toilet does not have a water tank, you will need a T-adapter that connects to the sink connection, toilet hose connection, along with the connection to the bidet. You will have to measure the connections to see which T-adapter will fit properly into the connections.

Depending on the measurements, you may be able to find the proper T-adapter directly through our website on the Accessories page. If not, you may be able to find one in your local hardware store.
To turn on the self-cleaning nozzle mode, you must first turn the knob so that it points to Nozzle Cleaning. After that, you must also turn the pressure control knob so that it is on high (or lift the pressure-control lever for the Neo 180, Neo 250 or Neo 320 models). Click HERE to contact us if you need further assistance regarding this issue.
The water pressure should be easily adjustable in all our bidets. For the MB110, Neo 110, Neo 120, and Neo 185, the water pressure can be adjusted by turning the water pressure knob on the control panel clockwise. For the newer Neo models (Neo 180, Neo 250, Neo 320), the water pressure can be adjusted by pulling up the silver lever handle of the control panel. The water pressure should gradually increase from weak to strong.

If the water pressure is still too strong, you may have to turn down the water supply to your toilet tank. This should temporarily solve the problem. For a more permanent solution, you can purchase a T-adapter with shut-off valve at your local hardware store which will allow you to regulate the flow of water to the bidet.

In rare cases, the water pressure may not adjust properly or the water may stream downward from the nozzle instead of spraying out. If this is the case, you may have received a rare defective unit. Click HERE to contact us for a replacement.
If water is spraying straight down into the toilet, it is likely that the nozzle cap has fallen off somehow. If you can find the nozzle cap, you can screw it back onto the nozzle and this should fix the problem. Please make sure the black rubber washer is placed inside the nozzle cap before attaching it to the nozzle.

Please click HERE for replacement nozzle cap(s).
This is certainly not normal. If you are having this problem please click HERE to contact us.

Shipping & Return

We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. We are confident that you will like the bidet. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the bidet, we will gladly refund you your full purchase price. Click HERE to contact us with your order number to start the return process.
We offer international shipping for all our products. To calculate shipping, place an item in your cart, then go to view your cart. At the bottom of the page, you can enter your country, region, and postal code to see a shipping estimate.


Yes, all bidets come with a manufacturer's warranty. The MB Series have a 12 month warranty and the Neo Series have a 18 month warranty. Bidets are tested for quality and defects are rare. However, we fully stand behind our warranty and will promptly replace any defective parts completely free of charge.
There is no need to register your bidet(s) for the warranty - all Luxe Bidets purchased through our website or Amazon are automatically covered under the warranty. For the warranty or any other questions on your purchase, you will just need give us your address, date of purchase (or the order number) via this email and we will be able to address any of your concerns or questions.

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