7/8" Shut-off T-Adapters

SKU: ShutOffT1516
Product Description 

USE FOR: Optimizing Any NEO Series Installation

WHEN TO USE: If you would like to decrease the water pressure from your bidet, and have a standard North American fill valve connection size of 7/8"

PAIR WITH: Metal Cold Water Hose (1/2" x 1/4")

This NEO Series accessory is an optional part that helps connect the 15" Cold Water Bidet Hose to your toilet tank's fill valve. It helps control the flow of the water and allows you to turn off water going in to the bidet.

This part is available in 3 styles: Chrome Lever, Chrome Winged, and Nickel Winged.

How To Connect

TOP CONNECTION: Attaches to the toilet tank's 7/8″ fill valve

BOTTOM CONNECTION: Attaches to your toilet's original water supply hose

SIDE CONNECTION: Attaches to the 1/2″ end of the Cold Water Hose (1/2" x 1/4")

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