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Luxe Bidet was launched by 2Go Products, LLC in 2008.

Our founder, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a Ph.D. in computer engineering, set his eye on an innovation that will bring a new level of hygienic experience to the bathroom.

He purchased a basic bidet for his parents’ bathroom. It worked, but there were many issues with it: unattractive design, clunky fittings, substandard valves, and absent customer support.

He quickly saw the potential to create a practical and premium bidet that would offer people the best washroom experience, ever. And so Luxe Bidet was born, pioneering innovation, design, and functionality – and leading the march to have bidets in every household!

Why You Should
Choose Luxe Bidets


Protects & Restores Forests

In 2017, Americans used 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper – pulping 15 million trees.

How many trees do bidets axe? Zero.

Choose to use bidet and help protect our forests.

  • 36.5B Rolls of Toilet Paper
  • 15 Million Trees Pulped
  • Bidets Axe Zero Trees

Easy On Your Skin

When it comes to derriere sensitivities, toilet paper is rough. Literally.

Oftentimes, it even causes more irritation.

Bidets, on the other hand, offer a much gentler way for people to clean themselves, sans residue and chafing.


Saves the Septic System

Anyone with a toilet knows the inevitability of the clog (or even worse: the overflow).

Toilet paper can jam your toilet and waste a lot of water. It also adds a significant load onto city sewer systems and water treatment plants.

With bidets, septic tanks would need to be emptied much less.

  • New Septic Systems Cost $5,000 to $10,000
  • Drain Cleaning Costs $400-$650
  • 25% of U.S. Uses Septic System

Good for the Bottom Line

It’s all in the numbers. A bidet pays for itself in the money you save not buying toilet paper – and then some!

Toilet paper is $12 on average; after buying 4 packs, you could have a Luxe Bidet and continue to save hundreds over the course of a year.


Conserves Water & Energy

Creating toilet paper requires 473 gallons of water, 253K tons of chlorine for bleaching, and 17.3 terawatts of electricity annually.

Using a bidet greatly reduces water and energy usage – protecting the environment from harmful chemicals, tree pulping, and excessive water usage.


  • 473 Gallons of water
  • 17.3 Terawatts of Electricity/year
  • 253K Tons of Chlorine

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